Transcend was founded by a group of partners with extraordinary experience and success

Who We Are

Transcend was founded by a group of partners with extraordinary experience and success in many departments of the Saudi government and fields of business

Our experience includes leadership positions in such areas as:

Business development
in Saudi Arabia
& Communication
Although we’re relatively young, we bring 85 years of combined experience to Transcend. As a result, we’re ideally qualified to provide your business with remarkably acute guidance.

Our Values

We have the professional values to assure that you and your business thrive.


We believe expert solutions based on insight and innovation deliver maximum value to our clients.


At Transcend, we focus on effective solutions, tailored to your needs and ready to implement in efficient and timely ways.


Our business advisory provides simple, seamless, expert solutions that lead to measurable results. Our goal is to assure that your business establishes and retains an edge over your competition.


Transcend is a client-centric organization, dedicated to understanding your business and working closely with you to meet your needs and ensure your growing success.

Maximizing Value

We aim for insightful, sound, sustainable solutions that deliver maximum value.

Our Vision

Our vision is clear. We aim to be your go-to business and technology advisory in the GCC market and to maintain a long-term relationship with you through exemplary service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver nothing but the best services for our clients – in the public sector and the private sector – because we believe you deserve nothing but the best. We seek, not only to meet your expectations, but to transcend them by identifying areas for improvement and opening new horizons for them to explore. To achieve our mission, we devote our entire expertise, energy and relationships to assure that our clients are always delighted with our services.

Our Approach

Understand Your Business

We make it our business to understand your business. It’s the foundation of all we do. So we work closely with you through an input period. Then we study the input you provide and devise customized solutions that assure your company’s maximum success.

Analyze the Problem

When a problem arises, we take the time to understand and analyze it, so we can arrive at an effective, lasting solution, not just a temporary fix.
We proceed in four steps:

Deep Dive into
the Problem

After we listen carefully to your description of the problem, we take a deep dive into it to understand it better.

the Problem

We identify the process or processes that are the cause of the problem and systemize our approach to the solution.

the Solution

We design the best solution to the problem or problems.

Present the Most
Suitable Solution

We present the solution to you. Once we have your agreement, we implement it.