Why Us

We are your Best One stop shop to jump start your business in Saudi Arabia.

We’re ideally qualified

We’re ideally qualified to serve all of your corporate needs in the Kingdom.
We enable you to start and grow your business seamlessly and profitably in Saudi Arabia with best-in-class services.
For example, our advisory can:
Assure That Your Company is Set Up Properly
Reduce Setup
Time and Costs
Minimize Setup
Make Sure Your Company is Operating Sustainably
As a client-centric company, our values inspire us to help our clients identify how they can improve existing operations, open new horizons, and expand their businesses.

Why Not Just a Lawyer

While lawyers can structure your investment properly, they do not specialize in performing the business and technology services required for business formation, operation, growth, and ongoing optimization. We are your perfect one-stop shop for all your business services needed.

Why Not a Specialized Agent

There are specialized agents in such disciplines as HR and IT. But you would have to work with a variety of suppliers to accomplish all the necessary business and technology goals. Our one-stop shop makes everything far easier and more economical.

Why Not Other Business Advisories

While there are other business advisories in Saudi Arabia that have been around for a much longer time than Transcend, we believe you will have every reason to prefer Transcend. We provide flexible scoping; small to big based on the need and the growth phase of your business.

Why Newer is Better

Transcend has been established by partners with incomparable experience in both the public and private sectors and an uncompromising dedication to the highest professional standards.
Our backgrounds include top positions in government policy and regulation, business and technology development, business and investment advisories, and project management. As a result, we offer you the benefits of our deep network in government and semi-government agencies, as well as in the business community.
Our goal is to make Transcend the most preferred and trusted advisory in the KSA for international companies. To achieve it, we deliver all of our services in an expert, transparent, and economical manner.
We’re part of the new Saudi Arabia. When you partner with us, you’ll be part of it, too.

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