Transcend is a business services company founded by a group of like minded leaders from various industries and government sectors. Our combined experiences make us highly qualified to provide tailor made services for your business.

With an ever growing opportunity in Saudi Arabia on one hand and our knowledge and expertise on the other, now you have the ability to expand your business in the Saudi market seamlessly and effectively.


Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our Mission

To Transcend expectations by going above and beyond in everything we do. It is our mission to deliver optimized services to clients that want to establish their presence in Saudi Arabia.

Our Values

Our Values

We believe in adding value to your business, that is why we aspire to provide the very best solutions through our experts by focusing on tailoring our approach to your business needs for a seamless experience.


Why Choose Transcend?

Our business setup experts are former government employees who are aware of the intricacies in establishing a company in Saudi Arabia. This gives us the ability to efficiently navigate throughout the process for all our clients.

Our robust team can handle the entire Saudi incorporation process from start to finish on your behalf, ensuring that your business setup is done properly and in the quickest time possible. Thus allowing you to be operational sooner than later.

Only at Transcend you will find some of the highly qualified experts that provide efficient business services.

Why Choose Transcend?
Are You Our Ideal Customer?

Are You Our Ideal Customer?

If you are amongst those that recognize the opportunities offered by Saudi Arabia’s ‘Vision 2030’ and wish to benefit from emerging sectors throughout the Kingdom then you are encouraged to make use of our turnkey business services and solutions.

We help your company establish its legal presence in Saudi Arabia and offer a practical range of solutions to facilitate that. From opening bank accounts to securing special licenses, we do it all.


Let Us Transcend Your Expectations

If you are interested in having your business professionally incorporated in Saudi Arabia, we want to hear from you! Contact us below to schedule a complimentary consultation call where we will explore what we can do to help your business benefit from the rapidly expanding Saudi market.


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We act on your company’s behalf, helping you establish a legal presence in Saudi Arabia.

Hire us to set-up your business today!

Transcend is a business services company that was founded by a group of like-minded leaders across various industries and the upper echelons of the Saudi government.