Professional Help and Consulting About FDI in Saudi Arabia

Transcend provides all the business and technology services you need to succeed in Saudi Arabia

Business Services

Company Formation

We help foreign companies establish their legal presence in the Kingdom, as well as open bank accounts. Our initial service includes company registration in Saudi Arabia and then securing all of the licenses needed to operate in KSA. The list may look long, but our expertise makes navigating it much easier than you might otherwise find it.

Special Licenses

If your company performs any of several special activities, you’ll require additional government licenses to establish a business in Saudi Arabia. We help you obtain them by creating your business profile and completing your applications. The activities that require special licenses span different sectors, such as healthcare, engineering, professional services, tourism, and others.

Government Relations

In a dynamic market like KSA, it’s important to maintain excellent relationships with the government and participate in policy development. We help your company to stay in touch with all relevant government entities, so you can discuss ongoing matters and expansion plans of the foreign direct investment in Saudi Arabia.

Consultancy Services

Business process design

We can design efficient business processes for your company. As you know, such processes are the foundation of delivering quality products or services to your customers in a timely manner, while achieving your ROI goals. We’re ready to assist you in the design and implementation of processes that assure delivery of superior products and services. For example, we can help you draft your Policies & Procedures and your KPI’s. Our goal is to enable seamless collaboration of all parties involved in developing, and selling your product or providing your service.

Management Consultancy

Transcend Business Advisory is a boutique management consulting firm that offers you a unique blend of partner-experience, which accumulates to over 80 years, in the fields of investment, marketing, technology, and FDI in Saudi Arabia in general, in addition to business operations and process (re)engineering. Businesses are facing mounting challenges in the midst of changing the regulatory landscape and shifting consumer demands/ tastes. The pace at which the aforesaid is happening puts businesses (and government agencies alike) at a greater need to be agile and relevant to their clients and/ or stakeholders.

With our public- and private-sector-experience, Transcend is well-positioned to help your organization navigate this sea change. Our consultants will assuredly extend a fresh and up-to-date perspective on business issues for direct investment in Saudi Arabia, whether they are related to performance, processes, product-/ service-delivery, or organizational structure.

CRM & ERP Consultancy

Create efficiencies in your business in Saudi Arabia by keeping your internal resources in check, and managing your customer-relationships effectively. At Transcend, we know exactly that this is easier said than done! A successful ERP and CRM implementation requires sound business processes and data structuring. Therefore, we assist your business in the design and implementation of processes that deliver superior product and/ or services. This, in turn, will allow your organization to be data-centric and insight-driven; which lay the foundation for successful adoption of ERP and CRM systems.

But that’s not all; which ERP/ CRM brands do you implement? And do you opt for on-premise or cloud-based systems?

With Transcend as your chosen partner, we take delight in helping your organization make the right choice when it comes to leveraging technology platforms for greater ROI and efficiencies.

Summary of Services

We have unmatched experience in the public and private sector to:

Establish a company registration in Saudi Arabia with all government entities

Secure special licenses, which are required for certain businesses, such as engineering firms and hospitals

Get your business set up in the cloud, as well as help you launch other business services

Connect you with all relevant government entities

Help you solve operational problems by introducing appropriate solutions