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Business Formation

Business Formation

From acquiring special licenses to opening a bank account, we establish your company's legal presence in Saudi Arabia by officially incorporating it.

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Now, is a better time than ever to start thinking about bringing your business to the Kingdom so that you can benefit from building a strong presence in a rapidly growing market.

Our robust team can handle the entire Saudi incorporation process from start to finish on your behalf, ensuring that your business setup is done properly and in the quickest time possible. Thus allowing you to be operational sooner than later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Representing the largest economy and economic opportunities in the GCC, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is becoming the new commercial hub. Considering the nation aims for non-oil based economy, Saudi Arabia is now a lucrative country for all businesses.

Our team of experts are former government employees who are familiar with the internal government processes, giving us the advantage to navigate through business setup process rather seamlessly. This means you do not need to worry about how long it would take to establish your business in Saudi Arabia.

You get to have a team that will help you navigate the process quickly, ensuring you establish a business that you can own 100% of. Moreover, along the way we will provide consultation when needed that benefits your business in the operational phase.

From the very first step to the last, our process on an average takes 1-2 months for completion. Registration such as SAGIA and Commercial Registration does not take more than 4 days while acquiring special licenses may take few weeks.

Not at all. Once you give us the Power of Attorney and have an agent agreement, we can do the entire process for you while you plan for your personal relocation to Saudi Arabia.

To simply state, Of course we can.

Government regulation and requirements change as needed but as of January 2020, all you need to give us is your Passport copy, Company Registration (in country of origin), Financial Statement (for one year). The latter two needs to be attested by Saudi Embassy/Consulate closest to you.

Definitely! It is part of our consultancy for your business.

This depends on what type of business you are trying to establish in Saudi Arabia. Give us a call and let us discuss this together.

After we assist you establish your business’ legal presence we can provide:
Ongoing government relations support to liaise with government entity constantly to ensure you are in good standing
HR & Payroll Support to help you manage hiring right people legally while maintaining your business’ Saudization level along with managing your finances for employees’ payroll.

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If you are interested in having your business professionally incorporated in Saudi Arabia, we want to hear from you! Contact us below to schedule a complimentary consultation call where we will explore what we can do to help your business benefit from the rapidly expanding Saudi market.


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We act on your company’s behalf, helping you establish a legal presence in Saudi Arabia.

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Why Choose Transcend?

Because our team of experts are familiar with the intricacies of government processes, we are able to provide your business with turnkey solutions. Thus, letting you avoid feeling overwhelmed by all the legal requirements of setting up your business in Saudi Arabia.

With Transcend you can rest assured that your business setup will be carried out quickly and efficiently so that you can commence your operations right away.

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Our services include engagement with government entities such as:

The Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA) is responsible for following up and assessing investment performance, alleviating the difficulties encountered by investors, conducting studies and research and drafting executive plans to stimulate local investments.

MCI is a cabinet-level government ministry of Saudi Arabia responsible for both commerce and investment sectors in the kingdom. Its responsibilities include the development and implementation of policies and mechanisms that govern the sectors of commerce and Investment.

Apart from issuing a Chamber of Commerce Certificate, COC will facilitate the attestation of formal letters from companies, which is mandatory in official communication. As part of its process, COC will register the General Manager’s signature (including any authorized signatories) to be able to attest future documents.

GOSI is a Saudi Arabian government agency concerned with social insurance in the country. GOSI is supervised by a board of eleven directors from government departments, employers and insured persons.

In accordance with its regulations, GZAT will be responsible for collecting the Zakat and taxes, along with ensuring the best performance of its members in carrying out the duties assigned to them.

MOMRA is a government agency in Saudi Arabia established in 1975 and responsible for the supervision and regulation of municipalities in the Kingdom.

Part of the Ministry of Interior, its’ effort is to protect the citizens and residents of the Kingdom from attacks and natural disasters. Part of their mandate is to ensure all commercial entities comply with the Kingdom’s safety standards.

Certain business activities require special licenses from regulatory authorities. Our team of experts will engage with the appropriate authorities to acquire such licenses for you, provided your business is compliant with the regulations

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